Vitamin K supplementation and healing from cancer

We can’t deny that vitamins are good for our bodies because they are the main nutrients that keep our bodies healthy and protect them from getting sick. There are different kinds of vitamins, like vitamins C, D, A, etc. Vitamin K is one of the most important kinds of vitamins. It is an important nutrient that helps our bodies do many different things. Vitamin K generally keeps our skin and hair roots healthy. But these are some of the most common ways that Vitamin K works. In reality, it takes part in a number of important bodily processes and keeps our bodies safe. You can get more info about lungs health on primary healthcare system.

A Brief Look at Vitamin K

Vitamin K is known to be a vitamin that dissolves in fat and helps the blood to clot. Vitamin K helps our blood clot, which stops us from bleeding when we cut ourselves. Because of this, people who don’t get enough vitamin K tend to have a lot of blood flow when they get hurt. It is also a big part of building strong bones and keeping our hearts from having major problems. Many heart problems can be caused by not getting enough vitamin K. Vitamin K has been called a “forgotten vitamin” even though it has played such an important role. There are only a few food supplements on the market that have a lot of vitamin K.


Scientists have just recently found another great thing about this vitamin. Cancer can be stopped by taking vitamin K. Dr. Cees Vermeer says that vitamin K and vitamin D are pretty much the same thing. This is why we try to eat foods that are high in vitamin D. We used to forget how important vitamin K is to our bodies because vitamin D does all the things that vitamin K is supposed to do. But new studies show that vitamin K can stop the growth of tumours or lumps, which can stop cancer from happening. This is something that vitamin K does that vitamin D does not do.


How Vitamin K Protects Cancer?


Vitamin K is part of a group of vitamins that includes Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2. Both of them play important roles in keeping people from getting cancer. In the year 147, a group of researchers saw that vitamin K could help fight cancer for the first time. The team’s research has shown that vitamin K stops tumours from growing. So, if the tumour is cancerous, stopping its growth would lead to cancer. When a person has cancer, the rate at which cells divide speeds up. Due to abrupt cell division, tumours grow quite fast. Vitamin K causes “oncosis,” which means that the cells stop dividing. So, if it can be used to stop the growth of cancer cells, it will heal cancer.


Vitamin K is found in many natural foods, especially green leafy vegetables. These herbs are important for healthy lungs. Vitamin K is important for our bodies, so you should eat a lot of foods that have a lot of it.