Why you need to print locally

Why you need to print locally

Is online printing is the only best option you have?

Online printing may be a quick and easy solution. IF you know precisely what you want, including the paper and finish, you can prepare your files for commercial printing and are prepared to pay a premium to have them sent.

An online printer’s ease and accessibility are fantastic; but, there are instances when you want a bit more.

  • What if you’re unsure about the sort of stock to use or about finishing options like folds, trimming, or gloss vs. matte?
  • What is the best way to prepare a file for commercial printing?

These aren’t questions that an online printer will adequately address, though they may have some basic FAQs that you may sift through. You receive all of these advantages and more when you work with www.printfactory.ca. Take a look at the given reasons why you should outsource all of your professional printing to a local print shop:


·        Better communication between client & shop:

Print material engages people more than digital. You can convey your idea directly to the people who will make it a reality by working with local printing companies. It’s simpler to describe what you’re searching for with your particular project to an exact scale and detail when you’re in person. Furthermore, having a physical location to address any issues or questions about your product would make it easier.

·        Support your local business:

There’s a lot that can be said about supporting small companies in your community, and it’s all true. Buying locally may cost a little more, but the business and personal ties formed as a result are worth far more than the possible savings of utilizing an internet printing provider. Online printing services aren’t concerned with whether or not you’ll be a repeat customer because their connection with you is just transactional. When working with a local business printer you’ll find that customer service is what sets the good ones apart from the bad ones.

·        Get competitive prices:

Surely you can save a buck or two with a larger printing company. Smaller company copying and printing services also turn out the same. So, although you enjoy the benefits of personal relationships with your local store, don’t feel like you’re missing out on a bargain; you’re receiving the best and most reasonable price in town. You can visit this website to know the competitive prices offered by iPrint Factory, Canada.

·        Quick receive your order:

When you print locally, you’ll have a considerably shorter wait time for your one-of-a-kind order than if you ordered from a larger printing business. Your product has a better chance of becoming the top priority and receiving the attention it needs at a smaller company rather than being buried among hundreds of other orders.


Dealing with a local commercial printer may save you time and money by reducing hassles, ensuring that the project is completed exactly the way you want it the first time, and giving you advice on stock and finishing options.