Why Hoverboards are becoming the next thing?

Hover-boards have been simply defined as self-balancing scooters or personal transporters. They consist of two wheels that are motorized and then connected to a pair of articulated pads where the user places his feet. They are controlled by learning how to speed forward or backward and in case of changing direction, it is done by twisting the pads. Other basic components of the hover-board include a gyroscope that help on determining the balance and the pitch of the machine, motors that help in balancing and moving the machine forward and finally microprocessors that manage power. The device is powered by large batteries. Hover-boards have been very popular however; there were some defects that were associated with them during the early stages of their introduction in the market.

Why are hoverboards so popular?
• Hover-boards have gained a lot of popularity among the young generation because of their endorsement by very popular cerebrates. Some of these celebrities are the likes of Wiz khalifa, Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar and others. The use of the machine by these superstars has appealed positively to their huge fun base hence promoting the product.

• Their unique nature; the concept of these machine originated from a fictional movie ‘Back to the future 2’ that shows future teens using levitating boards that do not have wheels. This inspiration has been combined with the current technology to come up with a very unique machine or a superior version of a skate board hence appealing very highly to the users.

• Their ease of use; the basic concept of using hover-board is similar to the traditional scooters and skate board, this means that if one is good at using the scooters it will be very easy to learn how to use the hover board. The only challenge that one would face is learning how to balance by once you get over that it becomes very easy. It is also advisable to take caution to avoid injuries.

• They can be used for transportation and also for experienced users one can make impressive tricks. Hover boards can achieve speeds of 6 to 13 miles per hour depending on the terrain and body weight so besides their leisure purposes they can be used as mode of travel. This has made them gain popularity because one can run errands or even travel to and from work without any transport expenses. For the experienced users one can learn new tricks such as dancing tricks that are very impressive.

Top hoverboard brands 
If one is considering acquiring a hover board there are some features that one should look for such as; highest speed, battery life, ease of use, price among others. Here are some of the best brands of hover boards;

• Halo Rover Hover board with Bluetooth speakers
This is one of the best brands in the market with very remarkable features. To start with, it has large wheels meaning that it is suited for all the terrains. Secondly, it is fitted with mobile applications and Bluetooth speakers meaning that one an access his media files such as music. The board has a high weight capacity and a high safety of the batteries to prevent the user from any electrical malfunction.

• Epikgo self -balancing scooter
This device has been given a lot of credit because of its weight capacity and also speed at any terrain. The hover board also has a very high stability and very comfortable. When it comes to the safety features, the board will enable you to try new tricks without exposing yourself to injuries.

• Segway mini pro smart self-balancing personal transporter
This board is a bit different from other boards because it is fitted with a padded knee bar that will help in stability, control and easy support. This means that balancing is easier in this board than the others. Feedback from the users has indicated that the product is durable with long life batteries and enhanced speeds.

• T5 entry level hover-boards for kids and young adults
As stated in the title it has been designed for kids and young adults with weight limit of 187 pounds. Its price in the stares is very affordable. This is not high-speed equipment making it suitable for learner kids.

• Chic Eyourlife electric self-balancing scooter
With this board one is able to enjoy a lot of riding with only a single charge, it is fitted with energy saving features that help the battery last longer. The weight capacity on this board is 220 pounds with top spend and 9 mile range. Finally, it is fitted with LED lights that will enable you to ride at night and also a 500watt motor that will propel you to any terrain.

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