What is a rowing machine? Should we use it?

What is a rowing machine? Should we use it?

A rowing machine is a contraption that impersonates rowing action with the intention of exercising the target muscles which include triceps, rectus abdominus, erector spinae, glutes and hamstrings. The device is also used for rowing training.

We now live in times where people are becoming more aware of their fitness and making decisions to improve their health. This is evident by the increased number of people hitting the gym. In this article we are going to highlight some benefits of using a rowing machine.

1. Toned muscles

The rowing machine engages most muscles in the body. From the back and froth motion of rowing, the back, core, arms, shoulders, hips, glutes and leg muscles are well hit during the exercise by each row. The trainer also has the option of creating more resistance to stimulate more muscle mass by selecting the appropriate resistance level ideal for them.

2. Cardiovascular training

If your intention is to strengthen your cardiovascular system, then look no further. The rowing machine strengthens the heart, blood vessels and lungs. With the use of this machine, the circulatory system is stimutaled and this aerobic exercise helps in reducing belly fat, improves your focus and promotes brain growth from the increased oxygen supply the brain receives during exercise.

3. Losing weight

Losing weight can be a challenge to most people. If you are out there looking for an exercise that can help you loose weight, then rowing is the way to go. This device can make you burn up to 350 calories in 30 minutes as this exercise engages all the muscles in the body. To up the ante, reduce the resistance level slightly to allow you to row more for better muscle engagement

4. Stress reliever

Exercise has been proved to be one way to reduce stress. We live in a world where we are bombarded with lots of information, targets and demands both at work and home. To clear your mind of all these modern world chaos, the rowing machine can be your solution. With this contraption, the body is stimulated during exercise and the circulatory system releases endorphins that help cope with these stress which in the long run promotes good health.

5. Improved relaxation

Getting to exercise regularly is a good option for people who engage in it. With most people being active at work during the day causing them to get sore and tense muscle, hitting the rowing machine moderately can make your body and brain relax making you to be more at ease at the end of the day. This has an overall effect of lowering your body temperature later at night which encourages good sleep.

6. Improved self esteem

Finally exercising on a regular basis improves the physical fitness of an individual in the long run. Hoping on to that rowing machine regularly helps you improve on your physical appearance irrespective of gender, age or weight. This eventually raises one’s perception of their outward self worth which promotes their self love.
Regular work out has way more benefits that stretches past the gym or beach. Improved sleep, clear brain and improved self esteem are some of the benefits that tag along with it. So stop the excuses; hop on that rowing machine and keep going for a better and healthy life.