Virtual Reality

 IRIS-Virtual-RealityWe have seen the future. It is Virtual Reality.

VR not only has massive potential for games but for all forms of entertainment and media.

Our Virtual Reality team has over 19 years of game development experience, having worked on titles spanning all genres. From the Grand Theft Auto series to N+, from MAC and PC titles to mobile devices and handhelds. Developing for VR is the next logical step.

Using the latest development kits from Oculus VR we have already begun development on a number of demos and experiences. Our flagship product is being developed under the working title of Technolust. It is a 1980′s cyberpunk inspired adventure experience built in the Unity 3D engine from the ground up exclusively for VR.

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Technolust takes place in a near-future where 3D printing has become so ubiquitous anyone can print anything. There is just one catch… A few multinational mega corporations control the rights to all 3D printing schematics. Nobody can print anything without big brother knowing about it. Nobody except those in the know that is. Hackers, phreaks and pir8s are the new Robin Hood’s. Information needs to be free. Will you be the one to free it?
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A pre-beta demo can be found here:

This version is for DK1 only. To access the latest version, you must pre-order the game and select the beta access option.


TECHNOLUST – Windows 64 bit

TECHNOLUST – Windows 32 bit



To enjoy this demo, you must have an Oculus Rift development kit.
This is a very early demo just to get a feel for the flavor of the reality we are creating. It is not in any way indicative of the final product.

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Below are some production stills.

iris-ss01 iris-ss02 iris-ss03

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