Vitamin K supplementation and healing from cancer

Vitamin K supplementation and healing from cancer

We cannot deny the good effects of vitamins on our body, as they are considered as the major nutrients that keep our body healthy as well as immune from any diseases. Different types of vitamins are there, for example Vitamin C, D, A, etc. One of the most important vitamin types is Vitamin K, which is an important nutrient that has multiple functional effects on our body. Vitamin K generally keeps our skin and hair roots healthy. But, these are some of the common functional aspects of Vitamin K. In reality, it participates in various important physical processes and keeps our body out of the harm’s way. You can get more info about lungs health on primary healthcare system.

An Introduction to Vitamin K

Vitamin K has been recognized as a fat soluble vitamin that plays a major role in blood clotting. If there is a cut on our skin, Vitamin K helps to prevent bleeding by helping in blood clotting. This is why deficiency of vitamin K leads to heavy blood flow, due to some injuries. It also plays major role in building strong bones and it also prevents us from major heart related problems. Deficiency of vitamin K leads to various heart related disorders. Even after playing such major roles, Vitamin K has been often called as a ‘forgotten vitamin’. Only a few food supplements are there in the marketplace, which include high amount of vitamin K.

Recently, scientists have also discovered another great aspect of this vitamin. Vitamin K can help to prevent cancer. According to Dr. Cees Vermeer, vitamin K is quite identical ton vitamin D. This is why we put efforts in consuming foods that have vitamin D. This is the reason why we use to forget the role of vitamin K for our body, as vitamin D comes with all those functionalities that vitamin K is supposed to offer. However, recent researches say that vitamin K can prevent cancer by stopping growth of tumors or lumps. This is a unique feature of vitamin K that has no similarity with vitamin D.

How Vitamin K Protects Cancer?

Vitamin K is a group of vitamin, which has two basic members, and they are Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2. Both of them have significant roles to play in prevention of cancer. In the year of 147, the anti-tumor capacity of vitamin K was first sighted by a team of researchers. In their research, the team has found that vitamin K blocks the growth of tumors. So, if the tumor is malignant, it would be lead to cancer if its growth has been stopped. In case of cancer, cell division process becomes faster. Due to abrupt cell division, tumors grow quite fast. Vitamin K triggers ‘oncosis’, which means ceasing cell division process. Hence, if it can be applied on cancer cells, it will stop their growth and heal cancer.

Vitamin K is available in various natural foods, especially in green vegetables. These herbs for lungs health are very essential. It is an important supplement for our body, thus you should eat a lot of foods that contain good amount of vitamin K.