How to deal with low self esteem ?

How to deal with low self esteem ?

Source of inferiority is a rule in our early childhood and often, our inferiority we clearly visible on the surface. This happens for example when outwardly our feelings of inferiority translated behaviors such as arrogance, arrogance, cynicism, disrespect, rigidity or righteousness.
However, the interior will always feel the pain and loneliness that generate our sense of inferiority and feel really doubtful.

To cope with feelings of inferiority, the most important to understand that we do not blame them. Not made them and we are not responsible for their formation.

Inferiority arise from internal confidence that comes from our childhood, that we have no real value, we are not worthy of approval, love and appreciation.

This belief often follows us like a shadow hidden whispers deep down we do not have value, you can not love or appreciate us really who we are.
No matter what we do, we will always end arrays as good or someone else.

Source of inferiority
In most cases, we grew up with parents who gave us a real sense of value and security. Parents who today perfect and did not know how to get us, their children, feel valued and safe. Of course, the situation varies from person to person but there are many cases (as well as in my own case) of people who grew up in the shadow of very forgiving parents, parents unintentionally made aware of their children feel inferior, worthless, degraded and not good enough.

A bit sad to admit it, but in most cases parents could not assess themselves as human beings. There may have been very busy in creating a certain impression on the outside, another persistent pursuit any goals but as children can intuitively see through the masks of adults, we felt deep down that our parents do not consider themselves really.


How to deal with feelings of inferiority and naturally smart

To give a real answer to our inferiority complex and all the painful symptoms that result from them, we need a reunion, and love with deep emotional place our wounded and injured.

Inner healing process due to the fact that when we meet and agree to feel slowly and attentive, sensitive and Anitlgnti the feelings of pain, inclination and humiliation that we carry within us, we actually create an emotional connection, inner dialogue from pleasant and loving, friendly contact with our emotional world.

Such a connection allows us to understand, trust and give renewed confidence in ourselves. Effortlessly and without aggressive techniques or strenuous attempts to change ourselves, we find a natural way, easy and thorough change our inner experience. Change it just by acceptance, love and self-knowledge, deep and pleasant.

Of course, along the way, our encounter with ourselves can occasionally go through difficult places that carry an emotional and traumatic and not just moments of difficulty and pain that comes and released.
Accompanied by an experienced and supportive with a little help from a sensitive and loving presence, our inner healing journey becomes emotional release, discovery