How to look at your best ?


In the past, spread out and wash materials from nature to nurture the skin, because it was the author of more natural you! Does that mean you can get significant results with only an ancient and natural cosmetics?

The answer is no! All materials in the past were natural materials with very large molecules could not pass the skin barrier and the fact they were slightly melt the dead cells and fat and maintain a reasonable level of humidity.

Climate that exists today and will show at the age of 50 are needed before 40 active substances and preparations if there is strong with large molecules can be used to non-current technology allows us to perform Mesotherapy using material into electricity which breaks down molecules into smaller particles and heaving effect

You can already see how the treatment of skin fills up, its volume increases, the skin looks full of life and of course all the ingredients inside the skin cells encouraging the creation of new collagen and creation of average acid plays had lost the space between the skin tissues and fibers in them.

We remember well the Cleopatra bathing in milk asses without understanding much she just renewed her face and made it clear it using lactic acid found in milk donkeys, other examples can be found in France during the Kings for centuries used to make Bath with grapes and returns to the theme of renewal and clarification by fruit acid found in grapes, which is excellent for curing hemorrhoids.
African women are under the blazing sun today tend to take Nuts are rich in fatty acids and vitamin E to soften and lubricate the skin.

There are many other examples of skin care, but in all cases the goal was the same: “I want to look good now!” So you may go for a brazilian wax which may last 3-4 days.

Today and in the past decade with the advent of technology is not enough just good at showing now, we are today we got through advanced cosmetic devices such as: RF, US, ipl, elight. Hyaluronic acid injections Oxygen pressure, Mesotherapy using Alktroforozis, radio frequency technology, ultrasound technology, a technology bio-dynamic light photovoltaic technology, electrical currents and more … to control our skin and rhythm changes that occur inside and rendering to people of all ages look 10 years less than they are natural.
Today, all the little -women mostly men say: “We want and want to look good now, and especially old age with minimal changes of aging
We’ll fill the interior volume with Mesotherapy, with ultrasound Care the skin using radio frequency technology RF electromagnetic fields are contrasting working hard on fiber tissue and provide strength and elasticity to the skin did not fall too much with the effect of gravity on the face.

It is now possible to infuse skin creams issues stem cells from plants who know how to mimic stem cells that change slowly and some dead skin looks like a balloon took out the air.
Creams and serums based on Oxygen (oxygen) oxygen and Hyaluronic Acid that provide immediate interior tin filling and lifting facial skin.

Today, cosmetic treatments including exfoliation treatments will be performed by performing polishing diamond peeling skin and make  significant sheddings dead cells, lipids and had helped open comedones.

Preparing the skin for deep cleansing light will be a photovoltaic device bio-dynamic that has two main functions also red light warms and speeds up metabolism and function of cooling, refrigerator with a blue light acne bacteria injury sensitivity to cold, increased penetration of anti-aging serum according to the French method of cold 5 degrees improves skin texture and makes the skin appear and develop enabling all systems to protect themselves from the cold skin which makes ultimately accelerating processes and capture all Hhomrimbtoc skin.

5 points to discuss when choosing your next work boot

The risks posed by manual work are diverse and no less dangerous. You’ll be surprised by how many injuries and accidents can be directly attributed to the type of boots you choose to wear. These injuries could be as simple as blisters, bunions, excruciating corns or the more severe dropped/fallen arch. Lucky for working personnel, the market has developed unique work boots that cater to your needs and protect you from a number of injuries.

Here are a few tips you should consider. What Should You Consider When Buying Work Boots? The Fit As simple as this may seem, how well your boot fits affects how comfortable you are when working. This, in turn, affects your productivity levels as well. Did you know that ill-fitting shoes can cause corns? Ensure that your work boots have a firm grip around the heel. This will ease your balance as you walk. A neat trick is to try out new boots while wearing the same type of socks you wear at work to get a more accurate feel of how comfortable it is to put on.

Do they have non-slip base rubber sole? The type of sole your boots has a profound impact on a lot of aspects of your work. For one, your sole should be leveled or flat to prevent injuries to your back. Go for rubber soles that are oil and slip resistant. Rubber soles are a great safety measure against electrocution and penetration by sharp objects such as nails that may be in your path. Remember to check the heel and toe alignment of your boots too. They should be in a straight line to improve your balance and prevent straining your feet as you walk.

The Mid-soles Mid-soles affect your balance and the comfort of your feet when carrying heavy objects. The major soles are Polyurethane and EVA ( ethyl vinyl acetate) mid-soles. Polyurethane mid-soles are heavy, strong and surprisingly resilient.They are made of organic polymers. They, unlike other types of mid-soles, do not flatten over time. They a have a long life but are a bit pricier. E.V.A. mid-soles, on the other hand, are light. They are made of a man-made foam that makes them soft for cushioning and shock absorption. They flatten very quickly which may lead to imbalance over time. They are cheaper than Polyurethane mid-soles but need to be replaced more often. Consider getting insoles for additional comfort or to correct imbalance caused by worn out mid-soles.

What material are they made of? This largely depends on your work. Waterproof leather work boots are ideal for people working with on sites with water to prevent your toes from getting wet. Insulated boots are great if you are working on a location with very low temperature while mesh boots will help aerate your feet in the heat. Steel toes are important when working on a site with heavy objects that could crush your toes. In another breathe, steel toed boots aren’t advisable for electricians because of the likelihood of electrocution.

The weight of your shoes could also do a number on the amount of weight you can carry. If your tasks involve carrying a lot of weight, then light material work boots would serve you best. Break in time The durability of your boots affects their break in time. In theory, durable work boots have a longer break in times than less durable boots. Keep in mind how soon you’ll need your boots to see what works for you. Your workbooks aren’t just for aesthetic value; they are safety measure while at work. They could save you from weeks of unending pain and misery. Choose them wisely!